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In 1988 Nuria Vilanova, together with her mother, Núria Giralt, planted the seed of a project that is today a flourishing reality. They were the founders of Inforpress, now ATREVIA, a company which today has over 320 employees in 14 countries. We are a strong team of experts who work with own methodologies in 14 areas of communication, positioning and public affairs. In 2012 and 2013, we were acknowledged by Great Place to Work, a Human Resources consultancy company, as one of the top 50 companies to work for in Spain, a distinction which still drives us to improve and share a common project, to dare to be more.

Nuria Vilanova

Founder and president

Núria Vilanova is the founder and president of ATREVIA, Spain’s largest communications consultancy, with a team formed by 320 people and offices in Portugal, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Washington, Miami and Brussels.

Her professional profile is characterized by her commitment with knowledge development, corporate platforms and social responsibility.

In the associative area she stands out as the president of the Latin American Business Council (CEAL).

Get to know more about Núria Vilanova in www.nuriavilanova.com

Country and office managers

Asun Soriano Asun Soriano CEO/President for Spain

Isabel Grifoll Isabel Grifoll Vicepresident for Barcelona

Isabel Lara Isabel Lara Vicepresident for Madrid

Ana Margarida Ximenes Ana Margarida Ximenes President for Portugal

Mercé Ribera Mercé Ribera Vice-president Latin América

Elena Fernández Cabrera Elena Fernández Cabrera Ecuador Country Manager

Carlos Ruiz-Ocaña Carlos Ruiz-Ocaña México Country Manager

Daniela Agra Daniela Agra Brazil Country Manager

Juan Eduardo Prada Juan Eduardo Prada Colombia Country Manager

Alex Bonet Alex Bonet Peru Country Manager

Pablo Bravo Pablo Bravo Chile Country Manager

Ainara Beato Ainara Beato Bilbao Office Manager

Javier Medrano Javier Medrano Middle America (Guatemala) Country Manager

Ángel Rebollo Ángel Rebollo Brussels Office Manager

Javier Salgado Javier Salgado Washington Office Manager

Encarna Ayllón Encarna Ayllón Málaga Office Manager

Luisa Rodríguez Luisa Rodríguez Santiago de Compostela Office Manager


Susana Graupera Susana Graupera Comunicación financiera

Cristina Massana Cristina Massana Comunicación financiera

Rocío Pérez de Sevilla Rocío Pérez de Sevilla Reputación y crisis

Yolanda Román Yolanda Román Public Affairs

Myriam González Myriam González Posicionamiento

Fátima Marina Fátima Marina RSE y ciudadanía corporativa

Héctor Calvo Héctor Calvo Public Affairs

João Duarte João Duarte Relaciones Corporativas


Gema Román Gema Román Comunicación BtC

Alex Rodríguez Alex Rodríguez Social Media Strategy

Ángel Arroyo Ángel Arroyo Comunicación IT

Elena López Rey Elena López Rey Comunicación Corporativa

Cristina Rodiera Cristina Rodiera Comunicación Salud

Anna Sánchez Anna Sánchez Comunicación BtC

Alex Casanovas Alex Casanovas Social Media Strategy

Sonia Duque Sonia Duque Comunicación BtC

Filipa João Filipa João Comunicación Corporativa

Marta Pais Marta Pais Comunicación BtC

Inês Albino Inês Albino Comunicación BtC

Pedro Ferraz Pedro Ferraz Social Media Strategy


Teresa Morales Teresa Morales Gestión del cambio

María del Barco María del Barco Comunicación Interna

Sonia Romero Sonia Romero Formación

Mónica Martínez Domenech Mónica Martínez Domenech Formación

Isabel Mira Isabel Mira People Engagement

Filipa Primo Filipa Primo People Engagement


Cristina Buqueras Cristina Buqueras Diseño

Sergio Rodríguez Sergio Rodríguez Creatividad

Eva López Eva López Arte

Elena de la Mata Elena de la Mata Audiovisual

Ana Pérez Ana Pérez Eventos

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