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Because communication is movement and it is generated by people, at ATREVIA we believe in the power of Internal Communication as a strategic tool to facilitate the business development through its teams.

We help organizations in their change, competitiveness and efficiency challenges turning excellence into the common goal.

  • We create strategic and tactical Internal Communication Plans based on a previous research and assessing people’s position concerning the organization.
  • We support and drive the different areas through transversal communication.
  •  We consolidate the Corporate Culture working based on Mission, Vision and Values.
  •  We develop a new leadership, which is essential for effective structured communication.
  • We develop, implement and promote Communication Campaigns and Internal Marketing.
  •  We create Internal Communication channels and tools and we manage and develop contents.

Our experience of working with major national and international companies together with the knowledge acquired through the foundation, with IE Business School, of the Observatório de Comunicação Interna e Identidade Corporativa (Internal Communication and Corporate Identity Observatory) over more than 10 years ago, made us a reference in the field of Internal Communication. This knowledge was shared in two books recently published in Spain: Micropoderes and Comunicar para Transformar.

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